Sluice Accessories


Sometimes a sluice just doesn't want to cooperate! These sluice adapters will make your Boomer box and sluice flare get along just fine. Made to accommodate sluices with a 10" or wider flare, it ensures that you maximize your Boomers prospecting power!

Every sluice needs a counterpart. Boomer is just the guy for the job! An extremely versatile addition to any sluice. This device not only disperses the material from your hand dredge evenly, it also acts as a cleanup device while sorting through the days prospect!

Sluice matting is essential in capturing fine gold. Our rugged v-mat will stand up to any concentrates you can dredge up! With various sizes available, ensure that your sluice is outfitted with the best in fine gold capturing technology!

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Prospecting Kits


Black sand removal made easy! Our gold mag kit is the perfect tool to remove the black sands out of your sluice concentrates! Once you have sorted down to the fine grit, use this kit to pull out the unwanted sand and find the prized gold!



Junior version of the famous gold Mag Kit only smaller! The Mini-Mag has plenty of power and is preferred when smaller batches are being processed. Very portable and also includes a free "shirt pocket snuffer"


Every prospector needs a bowl to fill. These prospecting bowls are the perfect addition to any prospectors outfit! Use them to collect concentrates, classify different size dredge materials, or even for those times when an "outhouse" isn't readily available. Tough and built to take anything a prospector can dish out!


After you have collected your materials it becomes time to separate the nuggets from the fines! Use these classifiers to bring your gold bearing material down to a finer size. You provide the sifting motion, the classifier will repay the favor by making your gold easier to process on your Gold Cube or standard sluice box!

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