Three nozzles are included with the Gold-N-Sand pump:

  • Sniper Nozzle with "Rock Block" reaches into cracks and crevices

      • Bulk Sand Nozzle Designed to quickly draw sand and 1/2in material

          • Classifier Nozzle filters sticks and leaves and gets just the sand #8 and smaller
            • 8 inch extension is included giving you even more reach!

Leather Cups

Leather swells when wet to make a smooth and perfect seal, it's also self lubricating and healing. Nothing man made compares.

The New Valve

In 2010 Red set out to build the ultimate valve based on customer feedback. This new valve represents the last two years of R&D. Notice the angle of the valve closing?


Custom Valves

Gold-N-Sand valves are designed to allow maximum material movement and minimize clogs. The gaskets inside of every PRO valve is replaceable making on site repairs a breeze.

Gold Prospecting Dredge Valve
Gold Prospecting Dredge Close Up