-- I'm 26 my good friend and I have caught the gold fever. We purchased the Gold-N-Sand and are amazed at how it works. It's almost as if it does the classifing for you (with the right nozzle) and leaves the pay dirt to run. I was wondering about it so I dialed Red's number and he answered, didn't speak like a salesman but had the time to answer every question I asked. Thank you Red, this is a GREAT tool for a GREAT hobbie. my next purchase will be the Gold Cube. Our first trip out with the Gold-N-Sand we went to a river that wasn't supposed to have gold but ended up with 4 small flakes, theres no way we would have gotten them without this tool the water would have washed out any sand before we made it to the sluice. Thanks!-- Patrick S.

-- I'm amazed at your products. Born a New England Yankee I moved to Cripple Creek, Colorado when I was still young and in school. Back when Cripple Creek stood on it's tradition of being the world's greatest gold camp, not a mock up of Las Vegas. I absorbed the rich history, and instantly caught gold fever. I would still consider my self somewhere between an amature and moderately seasoned. I was considering buying a backpack dredge and risking fines and persecution from the over zealous D.E.S. After seeing your product line I have made the the sensible choice to go with your products instead. So many advantages, legal compliance, $800.00 plus savings over a dredge, no noise polution, and it's much lighter to carry to the remote spots. Thank you for being such an inspiration as an inventer, and prospector.-- C.S., NH

-- Hello there. Just wanted to say you've got a heck of a site here. My wife and I thouroughly enjoyed the videos you've provided. I've done some recreational panning in the past. I'm getting the itch again. Best part is my wife's pretty interested too. Going to pick up a few things and get back into it again. We love your products.
Looking forward to spring up here in northern New Hampshire. Take care and thanks again for all of your
hard work. -- Tim and Kim

-- I just purchased the Gold-n-Sand hand dredge and I love it. I've beencapturing some of my gold aventures with video and I plan to shoot a real neat video in the coming weeks using the Gold-n-Sand dredge in the field here in North Carolina.-- Rick S.

-Red, I used the Gold Pump Dredge over the weekend! I didn't find the "big one, but, I did pull up about 2 grams of fine gold from places I couldn't reach before! THANK YOU! It's worth every penny! This pump is a winner in my book! However, if anyone in The Anchorage,AK area is looking to get this sucks!(stay out of MY "sweetspot"!) Again Red, THANK YOU! p.s.I'm not done with my concentrates yet! So, it's 2gm and counting! hehehehe!   - plaznAKdirt

***Fantastic Hand Dredge!!! Good quality, good packing, good ebayer!!!   ....  1timeizenuff

-Great Seller AAA+++ Huge Volume with each pull of the pump! It does what he says Buyer: great*starts*

-My second purchace and once again a stellar product. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!! Buyer: eesa369

-Lightning fast shipper! Gold magnet paid for itself already. Wonderful process ! Buyer: billsbest2003

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