Legal for prospecting in California!

Gamma Lid

No more fumbling with snippy lids! Attach the adapter ring to the top of your existing bucket and get to those fines with the twist of a lid! Sold in 2 gallon and 5 gallon sizes, everybody can do the twist!

$12.95 - 2 Gallon Gamma Lid

$14.95 - 5 Gallon Gamma Lid

Valve Diaphragms

Don't hit the sands un-prepared! Make sure you have a spare set of Diaphragms in case you take one off and it floats down stream! Sold in pairs, they offer that fix in a pinch!

$5.95 - Diaphragms Sold in Pairs


Leather Cups

Tougher than anything man made! Sold as a set of 2 with replacement washer and lock nut. Don't end up without suction in them hills! All of our dredge models use these top quality
leather cups.