Gold Prospecting Equipment


Boomer Box -Pump right into your sluice box!


Wow! You asked for it .. it's finally here!

Designed to fit into a standard 10" sluice box (or wider), the Boomer Box also comes with the ability to become an instant clean-up machine with a flow buffer and nests comfortably into your sluice box.

Imagine finding the right spot, sniping the rich sand, right into your sluice box! Then...easily process your concentrates, all with the same device. Ya.. it's really a prospecting transformer but we call it "Boomer".

Flare Adaptors (sold seperately) can be used to quickly fasten your Boomer Box to any size sluice larger than 10" and still be used as a clean-up machine!

Take a look at the video to see how Boomer can be your prospecting crash (or cash) box and the blink of an eye..transform into a clean up tool that captures fine gold! Plus it can be used anywhere!

Flare Adaptors

Flare adaptors are for a sluice box wider than 10"


Attach Boomer Box to your sluice with bolts or bungees. Pump directly into the water flow of the sluice box.


Your Boomer Box can also be used to process your concentrates in the field or at home.