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    New to prospecting? Want to find gold? This blog will be about finding gold around the country and what Gold-n-sand and Gold Cube can do to make your venture successful with some of the coolest equipment out there. You will find that "the more you seek it the more you will find it" for example; just a block away from where I live there is a creek with gold! Under several bridges in Denver I have found plenty of gold, culverts, I have found false bedrock areas right in the City and pumped out the holes with a Gold-N-Sand hand pump and yes, found gold! It's even in tube sand at the hardware store! See Video

    A Chinese proverb: If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time! This is very true with gold prospecting. Gold is a gift from the universe that has no other purpose but to help mankind. It cannot be recreated in any form and must be taken from the earth usually by elbow grease. So why buy it when you can just go get it!

    If you learn the secrets of GOLD, you have an asset of knowledge that you can pass on to your children and I hope you do. Who knows when we will all need to know were to go "dig up some money".

    I encourage you to check out the site and explore the videos for Gold-N-Sand and Gold Cube and see what's going on in the world of gold prospecting equipment. Can you dig it! Thanks RED


Welcome to my blog

Red Wilcox is the owner of Gold-N-Sand and co-owner of Gold Cube with three U.S. patents that apply to gold prospecting equipment. He resides in Arvada Colorado and has a shop in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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