• Gold Prospecting as a prepper skill?

    There are many good reasons to prepare for a disaster however considering the state of our world many people are visiting “prepper” websites (Theprepperjournal.com gets 71,250 monthly visits!) and considering going to the next level. Becoming more self-reliant in the face of a disaster just makes good sense for you and your family and necessary items like water, food, shelter and security are basic needs that no one should be without during an emergency. No matter what level of prepping you intend to bring into your life, you will always need to think about owning some form of asset to help get you through.

    Most prepper sited talk about gold and silver as a necessary part of prepping and it’s quite obvious the companies that sell gold and silver are placing ads to attract customers. Some like gold and others like silver but almost all of them believe our paper dollar will become irrelevant if the future. Why? When the paper money runs out or becomes worthless what do you do? This is a scenario that makes for good TV or movies and most likely it will be very temporary, if not than perhaps very few will ever be fully prepared. Gold and silver have a long history of constant value and will never go to zero.

    The gold prospector knows where to find gold and can get it for free! Of course it requires work, some equipment and know how, but many people would be surprised to know that gold can be found in many United States cities. Denver Colorado is a perfect example; along Clear Creek and the Platte River there is gold!

    In a recent add placed on Craigslist I asked the simple question, “Would you trade for gold?” and the response was quite positive; people from all over the area were willing to trade meat, vegetables, honey, car parts, bread, bullets, chickens and eggs! After some follow-up with a few of them, I realized that a few were hunters, ranchers, farmers, scavengers and preppers. Some have already developed a network of bartering for goods yet most of them were not aware of the abundance off free gold right under their feet.

    A 2009 youtube video titled “In Zimbabwe, Gold is the New Currency” shows a young man using a $50,000 worthless Zimbabwe note to clean out the black sand from a small amount of raw native gold to exchange for grain and oil. When a loaf of bread can cost a trillion Zimbabwe dollars, gold became the currency to acquire food on a daily basis. So the point here is, even raw native gold is an asset that someone is willing to trade for and this is a real world example of how an asset like gold can put food on the table.

    Aside from the scare of a world collapse or natural disaster, gold prospecting is a fun and exciting way to spend a Saturday play day. Could it be in our DNA to want to seek gold? There is really no thrill like digging up some gold and seeing that flash in the pan! For many of us, gold fever is real and there is no cure. So if you are a prepper or just want to get out in the water and have fun, then gold prospecting could be your next big adventure! Can you dig it?



  • Where to find gold

    This is an interactive map provided by Gold Rush Nuggets showing the whole USA. Just go to the site and click on any state! Way Cool!



  • Why Buy Gold?

    If you own a Gold Cube or Gold-N-Sand hand pump then you know what it's like to go out and "dig up money" from a creek or river, under a bridge, culvert, beach and you know the satisfaction of doing a real "shovel ready" job. OK, to the onlooker this may seem a bit crazy, but to a prospector, there are few greater thrills than the flash of color in a pan.

    Gold is free in most places and don't think you have to have a claim to get it. However, you do have a right as a US citizen to file a claim on public lands through the BLM or National Forest Service. Another great option is to join a club in your area who already own claims.

    If you live in the city or county then you will not be filing a claim but this doesn't mean you can't prospect in the local creeks. Quite often there are restrictions on motorized equipment in city limits and about the only way to know for sure is to contact the local city or county. In the Denver area, I will try to keep you informed on what we know about this.

    I invite any one in the Denver area to check out the new prospecting park at the historic Arapahoe Bar located off I-70 and 32nd.



  • Take A Gold Strike Adventure

    If you are new to prospecting and want to learn from the best than I would suggest an adventure with Don Finley of Gold Strike Adventures! A GoldStrike Adventure is a great way to try out many different types of gold prospecting equipment; from dredging, highbanking, Gold cube, Gold-N-Sand, finishing equipment and you keep all the gold! You also get a valuable history lesson about the area you are prospecting and lunch! Learn the hot spots in the Denver area or farther up into the mountains where the bigger gold is. Chances are you will save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run and get a head start on your new recreational activity!



  • Welcome to Gold-N-Sand

    New to prospecting? Want to find gold? This blog will be about finding gold around the country and what Gold-n-sand and Gold Cube can do to make your venture successful with some of the coolest equipment out there. You will find that "the more you seek it the more you will find it" for example; just a block away from where I live there is a creek with gold! Under several bridges in Denver I have found plenty of gold, culverts, I have found false bedrock areas right in the City and pumped out the holes with a Gold-N-Sand hand pump and yes, found gold! It's even in tube sand at the hardware store! See Video

    A Chinese proverb: If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time! This is very true with gold prospecting. Gold is a gift from the universe that has no other purpose but to help mankind. It cannot be recreated in any form and must be taken from the earth usually by elbow grease. So why buy it when you can just go get it!

    If you learn the secrets of GOLD, you have an asset of knowledge that you can pass on to your children and I hope you do. Who knows when we will all need to know were to go "dig up some money".

    I encourage you to check out the site and explore the videos for Gold-N-Sand and Gold Cube and see what's going on in the world of gold prospecting equipment. Can you dig it! Thanks RED



Welcome to my blog

Red Wilcox is the owner of Gold-N-Sand and co-owner of Gold Cube with three U.S. patents that apply to gold prospecting equipment. He resides in Arvada Colorado and has a shop in Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

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